Kaede to Suzu The Animation Episode 1

Kaede to Suzu The Animation Episode 1

After school, Kaede, the student council president, and Hayato, the secretary, are called to the student organization room by Kaede’s twin sister, Suzu.
Kaede was worried about the mysterious box on her desk, and when she put her hand in, her hands were restrained …
Today is the day of the school festival. The main character’s class will be a maid cafe, and girls dressed in maid clothes will make an outstanding performance.
Of course, Kaede, a classmate, is also serving customers in a maid appearance.
Meanwhile, for some reason, Suzu, who came to play as a maid, presented her mysterious switch.
When she tries to switch on, Kaede suddenly begins to writhe.
Apparently, it was pushed by the main character, and it was connected to the rotor inserted in her Kaede …

らぶみー「楓と鈴」THE ANIMATION 第1巻

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